Capturing the Threats in the World


We have so many dreadful things that is happening in the world that needs to be professionally photographed by to be clearly seen. We have the threat of Cholera which attacks the small intestines of our digestive system. Like amoebiasis, cholera's symptoms also includes loose bowel movements with vomiting as an addition to the collection. Contaminated supply of drinking water is the main cause for widespread as it goes from house to house. The infection can also be treated and prevented with proper handling and practice of cleanliness especially with water sources.


Next on the list is Dysentery. It also affects dreadfully the intestines of the digestive system. The patient might experience stomach pains and frequent bowel movements. The more dangerous the pathogen that has infected the water source, the worse are the symptoms will become. This can also be preventable by ensuring cleanliness around the area of the water supply.


Last but not the least is Diarrhea. Every person might experience diarrhea even at least once in a lifetime. Even how common it might sound but it is one of leading causes of death among children. With uncontrollable and frequent bowel movement, the patient might dehydrate himself and might cause premature death.