What to Do During An Earthquake

During an earthquake or any tragic events, there would be alerts that would be risen up and the concerns about TC2 foundation costs also is heightened. It is important then that during earthquakes,we must be prepared to know what we must do. Because there are pre warnings about an occurrence or sometimes there are not, it is better to prepare yourselves already. Like for example, in whatever building you are in, whether you are at home or at work, it is important that you know where the emergency kits are located. It is also better that you install a fire extinguisher at your office or home just in case of fire incidents. It is also advisable that you have flash lights with you even just a small one. Make sure you know about the basics of first aid so you can respond eagerly when needed for emergencies. Make sure you have plans to do when there is an earthquake especially where your family can escape on the site of incident. Make sure that your building is safe from falling objects so be careful with shelves and never go near one during an event of an earthquake. Always participate in earthquake drills so you would know what to do during an earthquake.